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Thea Touchton (they/them)

Disability, Mental Health & Chronic Illness


Place of Birth: Texas, United States
Current location: North Hollywood, CA, USA
Age: 27 years old
Language/s: English only
LGBTQIA+: Pansexual, non-binary
CALD/Heritage: Colombian, Polish, French, Italian
Diagnoses: Cornea transplant (2014), vision loss, social anxiety, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), cold urticaria
Healthcare Access: Primary Health Care, Allied Health, Mental Health, Secondary and Tertiary care


Thea Touchton is a Los Angeles based mental health and disability advocate and SAG-AFTRA actor/filmmaker with their own production company- Sueñito Media. They have lived experience with vision loss, anxiety, trauma and PCOS. Thea was named one of the Top 10 Young Actresses by IMBd in 2016. Thea currently volunteers on SAG-AFTRA committees to build more diverse roles for women, the LGBTQIA+ community, and the Latinè community. They have been making podcasts, videos, writing, and doing photo shoots to end the stigma around mental health since they were a teen, with a recent feature script they wrote winning awards. Their mental health advocacy took them to the mental health youth action forum with MTV and the White House and now their team is partnering with Pinterest to bring a mental health campaign designed for BIPOC communities. At 18 years old, Thea lost sight in their left eye due to pseudomonas right before they went to a community college where they experienced and had to advocate against discrimination. In the first year of college Thea received a cornea transplant surgery.  This experience without adequate disability supports and not understanding their rights has enabled them to educate education staff and students on disability access and inclusion. With the intersectionality of being non-binary, pansexual and from a hispanic heritage, Thea has the ability to consult on diversity, access and inclusion beyond disability. Thea hosts a podcast, ‘Is This Really For Kids?’ that reviews and does a deep dive critical film analysis on children's media, and is passionate about talking to young people about ways to find themselves - from their perspectives throughout their life, including moving cities (Texas, New York, LA) and experiencing childhood trauma. Thea is passionate to empower others who have a story but may not know the most powerful way to share it, while sharing their own lived experiences broadly to create change and improve diverse representation, equity and accessibility. 


  • Founded Sueñito Media - an independent production company dedicated to increasing Latin/x/o/a/e representation and LGBTQ+ representation both on and off the screen

  • Top 10 Young Actress at 2016 IMBD

  • One of 30 people selected for MTV and The White House Youth Action Mental Health Forum

  • SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) Actor since 2019

  • Certificates in Public Relations, Image Consulting, Motivational Speaking, Event Planning and Human Resources

  • Volunteer on SAG-AFTRA committees, advocating for more diverse roles for women, the LBGTQIA+ community, and the Latinè community.


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