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The diverse consumers that we represent have a range of skills and experiences that can assist in meeting your organisational objectives. Our consumers are open to providing a range of services, for example: 

  • Consumer Representative roles - including attending meetings for working groups, committees etc 

  • 15-step Assessments (consumer 'first impression' assessment of inpatient, outpatient and health services)

  • Keynote Speakers

  • Co-Design participation, consultation and facilitation

  • Focus group participation

  • Product testing

  • Product promotion (influencers)

  • Product development advisory

  • Kitchen Table Discussions (host sourcing consumers)

  • Forum and workshop facilitation

  • Feature blog/article writing

  • Media features

  • Staff recruitment panels

  • Consulting

  • Participation in research

  • Research co-design

  • Ambassador roles

  • Policy Development

  • Creation and/or review of consumer-facing resources and material

  • Assessments of venues and events for disability inclusion and considerations

If you are wanting to engage a consumer in your project and it does not fit the scope of services offered above, please get in contact with us as we are always looking for new innovative ways to improve the health sector and beyond. 

Vicky stands in a room with an audience in a striped shirt & long black pants, talking to two women.

Champion Consumer Vicky Pellowe (WA)

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