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This is an opportunity for you to make an income while making a difference.

As someone with lived experience of a chronic illness or disability, your

experiences are greatly valued by stakeholders (hospitals, medical product

companies, government health departments and more). We help to connect

you to existing opportunities, as well as ones we create, where you can use

your experiences to improve the way the health system operates.

We get to know you as a person, and tailor opportunities to your individual

wants, interests and experiences. We take care of all of the invoicing, training

, bookings, preparation, marketing and support so you are able to focus on

your personal contribution. We are able to help you turn your experiences

into a profession, so you are able to have a flexible income stream that you

may not have had the opportunity to without your lived experience.

Some of the opportunities we can provide:

  • Consulting on projects within the health system (e.g. the best way to
    deliver a service, what support you need, what design fits your needs

  • Advisors on committees, working groups, focus groups, kitchen table

  • Ambassador roles

  • Speaking opportunities

  • Product testing and design

  • Product promotion (depending on social media following)

  • Peer support roles

  • ​Much more!

Some of the benefits of being represented by Champion include:

  • Connections to opportunities

  • Mentoring, training and support

  • Personal branding and career strategy

  • Invoicing and rate negotiation with clients

  • Community

  • Shared success – you benefit from the success of other people represented, and Champion’s network

  • Public relations and marketing

  • Cathartic process of sharing your lived experience (story)

  • Opportunity to influence the health sector

  • Professionalism – marketing, branding and having an agent

  • Lived experience translating to financial value

  • Raise awareness of your condition

  • Improve quality of life for others with chronic illnesses

You are not only improving the health system that you will continue to access but improve it for every person in Australia.

Are you ready to share your lived experience to become the next Champion of your community? 

Jess smiles with short pink hair and a nose tube with a square of tape on her cheek and white shirt

Champion Consumer Jess Cochran (VIC)

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