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Champion delivers a diverse range of services directly to stakeholders who could benefit from the insights given by lived experience of caring roles, chronic illness and disability, combined with a strong academic, system-informed foundation. Some of the services Champion deliver include:

  • Consulting - for all projects that impact the lives of people with chronic illness, disability and/or informal carers  

  • Consumer Engagement and Co-Design Training (beginner to advanced) - for researchers, health services and consumers

  • External Co-Design Facilitation and Consultation

  • Lived experience focused framework and policy development

  • Assistance with establishing new or reviewing existing Consumer Engagement processes (relevant to 'Partnering with Consumers'; National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards and National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards)

  • 15-step Assessments (consumer 'first impression' of health services)

  • Focus group design, facilitation and/or creation (sourcing relevant consumers)

  • Kitchen Table Discussion (design, host and recruit)

  • Recruitment

    • Consumers/people with lived experience

    • Peer Support Workers (Full time, part time, casual)

    • Ambassadors

    • Keynote Speakers

  • Consumer engagement:

    • Frameworks, strategies and terms of reference

    • Strategic analysis and evaluations (existing consumer network)

    • Outsourcing CE coordinator

  • Education program development and advisory

  • Skill and professional development - social, health care, education, workplace 

  • Health promotion consumer campaigns (creative direction, marketing, sourcing consumers, content creation)

  • Marketing campaigns 

  • Events, symposiums, conferences and forums

  • Education programs in schools

  • Professional development – education and disability

  • Consumer Research

  • Mentoring existing consumers

If your organisation or service has additional needs that are not addressed by the list of services above, please do not hesitate to enquire with your organisations requirements and/or projects scope, and Champion can provide an assessment of how we can best assist to achieve your objectives. 


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