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Champion Health Agency (CHA) is a social enterprise operating within a profit-for-purpose business model. CHA is strongly aligned with a social purpose delivered through 5 main areas of impact; beneficial system change, revenue return to people with disability/chronic illness, alignment with 7 UN Sustainable Development Goals, no barrier to access and the Health Champion Movement as seen below: 

CHA Impact Model (1).png

  • Contributing to improved health literacy, access and navigation of the health system

    • Health literacy is "about how people understand information about health and health care, and how they apply that information to their lives, use it to make decisions and act on it." - Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

    • Low health literacy means poor health outcomes; higher hospital readmission, poorer understanding of medication instructions, less ability to self-manage healthcare, lower engagement with preventative health services (e.g. cancer screening)

    • HOW Champion improves health literacy:

  • Reduced ableism

    • ​Ableism is the discrimination of people with disabilities based on the belief that typical abilities are superior, rooted in the assumption that disabled people require ‘fixing’ and defines people by their disability. Ableism includes harmful stereotypes, misconceptions, and generalisations of people with disabilities - see a great blog about it here. 

    • Rates of ableism in Australia are high - for example, in 2018-19 44% of complaints received by the Australian Human Rights Commission were about discrimination based on disability. This is significantly higher than discrimination complaints based on sex (25%), race (16%) and age (7%). 

    • HOW Champion reduces ableism:

      • Seeks out opportunities for people with disabilities and their carers to engage with stakeholders to advise on how to make their services, education, products, events etc more accessible, understand how to implement appropriate accommodations for people with disabilities to improve equity, and ensure that ableist constructs are dissembled​

  • Improved social and economic participation for people with illness (improved social determinants of health)

    • People with disabilities and chronic illness have lower rates of social and community participation due to segregated education and employment settings, lower employment rates and community attitudes (Vic Health). ​

    • Australia ranks lowest among OECD countries for the relative income of people with disabilities 

    • Low social and economic participation leads to poor health outcomes therefore poorer quality of life and higher healthcare spending 

    • HOW Champion improved social and economic participation for people with illness:

      • Illness can cause great disruption to education and lack of education may limit job opportunities and not having a job may limit opportunities for social connection. Champion builds and advocates for financial value and acknowledgement of the expertise of 'lived experience' (cannot be bought or taught) and provides pathways for this to be used in a professional way for the betterment of health systems and society 

      • Champion creates a community among the people that we represent, and fosters social participation and inclusion within our agency, as well as facilitating social participation for our consumers when meaningfully engaging with stakeholders across Australia

  • Amplify the benefits of Consumer Engagement
    • Improve experiences of care (associated with improved health outcomes)​
    • Increase quality of services
    • Produce health information that is understandable and meets the needs of consumers
    • Lower risks of post-treatment complications, and reduce unnecessary hospital and medical visits 
    • Create more responsive services to consumer needs and better health outcomes
    • Ensure more accessible and equitable services ​​​


80% OF REVENUE GOES TO PEOPLE WITH DISABILITY, chronic illness & carers

Through our main business model, 80% of our revenue goes to people with disability, chronic illness and carers to increase their economic participation. Currently, Australia is ranked 26 out of 27 OECD countries for people with disability living in poverty. This needs to change, and through alternative and innovative models of employment for people with disability, it is possible. CHA supports individuals with chronic illness, disability and carers to have a flexible income stream and take an entrepreneurial approach to earning. When you support CHA, you are supporting our Champions to lead the cross-sectoral system change in the areas that affect them directly. Nothing about us, without us. 

United natioNs sustainable development goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a shared, global plan to reduce inequality, end extreme poverty and protect the planet through the premise of 'leaving no one behind'. Out of the 17 goals, CHA impacts 7 of these goals to contribute towards sustainable development, including:
Goal 3 - Good Health and Wellbeing
Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities
Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
Goal 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
Goal 17 - Partnerships for the Goals


Unlike many other initiatives aimed at increasing social and economic engagement of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses - such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme - CHA does not have a barrier to access. Despite the  main business model only being able to represent a capped number of people, and reach a certain capacity, we have created Tiers within our social movement so anyone that wants to get involved can. While we are directly providing support to Advocates that have joined the Health Champion Movement to access opportunities, we indirectly increase opportunities for social and economic engagement through the change-making our represented Champions lead.

health champion movement

The Health Champion Movement is an opportunity for everyone to show support for CHA's social mission to empower people with disability, chronic illness and carers to have a voice as change-leaders to truly action, imbed and facilitate 'nothing about us without us'. System change begins with the people, and you can play a part through joining our movement.  The objectives of the movement and ways you can get involved can be seen below:

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