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Rosie has long blonde curled hair and smiles, wearing a white singlet that says 'be strong be you'

Rosie Luik (she/her)

Maternity, Gynaecology, Fertility, Paediatric (carer), Surgery


Place of Birth: Brisbane, Australia
Current location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Age: 37 years old
Language/s: English only
NDIS Participant: No
Diagnoses: Endometriosis, Adhesions, Peritonitis
Healthcare Access: Primary Health Care, Allied Health, Mental Health, Secondary and Tertiary care


Rosie is Queensland's first legal altruistic surrogate to twins, mother of 4, wife, professional model, author and influencer with a reach of 166K on Instagram alone. Over the last few years, Rosie has published 4 books and appeared on national morning television on a number of occasions. These appearances were focused around Rosie's medical experiences as well as her professional achievements such as her modelling career and her books. Rosie has been featured in multiple podcasts, magazines, newspapers, blogs and forums across the globe. Rosie has extensive experience receiving gynaecological and maternity care. After her final pregnancy, she developed a severe infection which resulted in her needing to have a hysterectomy. These experiences have made Rosie incredibly passionate about improving care for women, mothers and girls.



  • Top 20 Influencer of the year 2019

  • Has written four books covering topics including – IVF, Surrogacy and being a tween

  • First legal Altruistic surrogate in Qld 2010/2011

  • Morning show appearances in regards to: book launches, surrogacy story and modelling career

  • Story has been featured across countless media outlets

  • Guest on many podcasts

  • Event speaker/panelist about her story

  • Founder of Mum Network Agency, dedicated to Mums

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