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Mikayla Greenway (she/her)

Disability and Chronic Illness


Place of Birth: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Current location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Age: 24 years old
Language/s: English only
NDIS Participant: No
Diagnoses: Gastroparesis, Functional dyspepsia, colonic inertia, generalised gastrointestinal progressive motility disorder,
haemochromatosis, hypokalaemia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, dyslexia
Healthcare Access: Primary Health Care, Allied Health, Mental Health, Secondary and Tertiary care


Mikayla is a passionate advocate for improving all aspects of care, community and quality of life for those with complex and chronic health conditions, and young people. Diagnosed with gastroparesis, colonic inertia and generalised gastrointestinal progressive motility disorder, Mikayla has had many surgeries to create different ostomies, her large colon removed and a J-pouch created to allow her to go to the bathroom after her colon was removed. In order to manage her stomach digestion, Mikayla has a PEG (gastrostomy) and PEJ (percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy) where she is able to administer medications, and receive feeds. She recognises there is great opportunity to reduce stigma, raise awareness and start conversations around tube feeding, bowel and gastrointestinal conditions - especially in the media, fashion world and through speaking opportunities.

Mikayla has received care in both the paediatric and adult settings, where she has experienced some of the best and worst healthcare has to offer. Transition of care is a key area where Mikayla wants to lead change, after 'falling through the cracks' of the system.

Mikayla is a big believer in the power of community, and building models of care and opportunities for peer-groups to connect, validate each other's experiences and provide mutual-support. She wants to ignite self-belief in others with chronic illness and disability, that they can achieve more than they think, and break down barriers along the way - whether this be through exercise, study, or pursuing their passion - it just takes perseverance, and knowing that asking for accommodations and adjustments creates more equitable outcomes.  

From her lived experience, Mikayla has recognised great opportunity to improve outpatient care, the environment and way it is delivered, to improve outcomes for those with chronic and complex conditions as this can often be where they fall through the cracks.  


  • Focus group participant to co-design a strategy to optimise the care for adolescents and young adults in Queensland

  • Former athlete

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