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Matt Davey (he/him)

Disability, Mental Health & Cancer Survivorship


Place of Birth: United Kingdom
Current location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Age: 28 years old
Language/s: English only
NDIS Participant: No
Diagnoses: Brain Tumour, Epilepsy, Mental Health
Healthcare Access: Primary Health Care, Allied Health, Mental Health, Secondary and Tertiary care


Matt Davey is a health-tech founder with a huge passion for diversity and inclusion, with lived experience of chronic illness, mental health and cancer survivorship. While on holiday Matt became seriously ill, and on return to Australia he was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 23 years old. Since then he has experienced the full breadth of health care services from cancer diagnosis to after care, including surgery and treatment. Matt has volunteered and raised funds for brain cancer charities and research, and shared his lived experiences to improve the path for other people diagnosed with cancer.

Matt also lives with 
epilepsy and mental health challenges, which impacts his daily lifestyle, safety and overall wellbeing. These experiences have given him a valuable perspective on how to create more accessible workplaces, events and communities. In addition to his lived experience and passion for the health space, Matt is a huge advocate for the LGBTIQ+ community, as a proud gay man. 
With unique insights into entrepreneurship from his lived experience and as an ex-corporate, Matt was part of the Impact Boom Elevate+ Accelerator program for his social enterprise Mend, and hosts a podcast, 'Heath Tech'.  Through his work and volunteering, Matt has been engaging with a variety of organisations to help share his lived experience, partake in research projects and sit on advisory boards. 
Matt is open to all opportunities to share his experience and work towards diversity and inclusion, representation and creating positive change, including speaking, advisory board roles, consulting, research and modelling.


  • Start-up Founder

  • Impact Boom Elevate+ Social Enterprise Accelerator Participant

  • Podcast host - Health Talk

  • Consumer Representative on Queensland Childrens Hospital Youth Advisory Group

  • Consumer Representative on CBRE BE Diversity & Inclusion Committee


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