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Charlotte Brown (she/her)

Burns, ICU, Pain Management, Allied Health


Place of Birth: Stafford, United Kingdom
Current location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Age: 30 years old
Language/s: English only
NDIS Participant: No
Diagnoses: Severe burns in 2014
Healthcare Access: Primary Health Care, Allied Health, Secondary and Tertiary care


Burns survivor, founder of Burnslife and steadfast advocate for burns care and support, Charlotte Brown knows a thing or two about lived experience. With more than 30% of her body having been burned at age 22, a five and a half week induced coma saw most of her body, apart from her legs, grafted with unburnt skin. Charlotte believes her scars represent strength and resilience, and that positivity is power. Charlotte is dedicated to bringing psychosocial support along with life-changing research and innovation to the forefront of burns care. She’s an advocate for any initiative that’s focused on helping fellow survivors to thrive beyond their injuries. Writing, media, and content whiz, Charlotte uses her communications superpowers to add value to the cause – whether that’s in the area of burns trauma, pain management, community and education, or anywhere she can give an empathetic and thoughtful perspective on the future of healthcare.


  • Founded Burnslife (an initiative of the RBWH Foundation) to provide psychosocial support to patients and carers on their road to recovery after burns.

    • Key Committee member for 5 years

    • Ran a social group and monthly educational forums

    • Managed Fundraising Initiatives (e.g. Bridge to Brisbane)

    • Developed Resources for RBWH Burns Work (e.g. Burns Patient Handbook)

    • Part of the development of SOAR - burns patient 'buddy' program to promote socialisation post-burns

  • Keynote Speaker for Fundraising events including 'Right Royal Affair' and 'HeARTfelt dinner'

  • Organising corporate sponsorships, media opportunities and marketing for Burnslife 2021 Bridge to Brisbane Fundraiser

  • Consumer Advisor on PARM-VR Virtual Reality Burns Focus Group - virtual reality for burns pain management

  • Spokesperson for Skin Culture Centre media event at the RBWH - press conference and news media

  • Facilitated a tour for Anglo American corporation of the Skin Culture Centre and RBWH facilities, following their $1M donation to burns research and care

  • Involved in research - physiotherapy, social work and occupational therapy

  • Clinical Case Study in Health Practitioner Assessments


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