Vicky laughs with curled brown hair wearing a white top, black leather skirt and holding a glass.

Vicky Pellowe (she/her)

Cancer Care, Maternity, Mental Health


Place of Birth: England, United Kingdom
Current location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Age: 34 years old
Language/s: English only
NDIS Participant: No
Diagnoses: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (DLBCL) - Stage IV 2016, Fertility Preservation (IVM & Zoladex), Post Natal Depression
Healthcare Access: Primary Health Care, Mental Health, Secondary and Tertiary care


Diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma at 29 years old, Vicky Pellowe understands how it feels to be confronted with your worst physical fears and toughest mental challenges all in the space of one sentence: 'you have cancer'. Being thrown into vigorous treatment while her world was turned upside down, Vicky had to navigate the possibility of being left infertile as a result of her treatment - seemingly destroying her dream of motherhood. Named one of the Top 10 Motivational Speakers to Watch in 2021 by Yahoo Finance, Vicky shares her story of transforming one of life's toughest challenges, into an experience that opened her eyes to the power of connection, empathy and choice. Vicky is a passionate advocate for mental health, informed by her insights when facing her mortality and rapidly changing identity, as well as experiencing post-natal depression after the birth of her long-awaited daughter. Vicky has a captivating, passionate energy about her and works to empower others to be active participants in their health care experiences, rather than recipients. Another passion close to Vicky's heart is to improve the holistic support available for those facing life after cancer treatment and in remission. 


  • 'My daughter is my biggest achievement'

  • Various keynote speaking engagements

  • Workshop facilitator and organiser

    • Mindset matters

    • Confessions of a Recovering Control Freak

    • Self Care Shake Up!

    • Building Bravery​​

  • Education: BSc (Hons) Criminology and Psychological Studies, Diploma Psychology & Social Policy

  • Professional mentor and life coach

  • Creating change and awareness surrounding the importance of mental health and gender diversity on one of the biggest oil & gas projects in WA during her FIFO career

  • Project Lead - Scar Stories 2017-2018