Jonathan Bredin (he/him)



Place of Birth: Frankston, VIC, Australia
Current location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Age: 31 years old 
Language/s: English only
NDIS Participant: Yes
Diagnoses: Cerebral Palsy (Spastic Quadriplegia)
Healthcare Access: Primary Health Care, Allied Health, Secondary and Tertiary care


Jonathan Bredin is a passionate disability advocate with cerebral palsy, in the form of spastic quadriplegia. Jonathan has built a career as a disability leader; breaking down barriers surrounding complex disabilities, especially through delivering keynote presentations and workshops with assistive technology, as someone who is non-verbal. With particular interests in the areas of assistive technology, disability housing, support workers (training and selection) and sexuality - Jono has been featured in articles, podcasts and interviews, while making an impact as a lived experience consultant in research, policy and strategy. Jono has participated in key research publications about support workers and assistive technology, and has made submissions to Australian Parliament about the NDIS. In his spare time, he is a talented writer with regular thought-provoking pieces on his blog, as well as a professional poker player - with a big international win at the young age of 23 years old, as the only poker player participating with a disability. Determined to break down barriers and stigmas wherever they exist, Jonathan's diverse lived experience is a true asset to any audience, organisation or project.   


  • Presentations, Keynotes & Workshops:

    • World OT Day - 'How COVID-19 affects my life' - for Monash University​

    • 'How I find my support workers' - for VALID Having A Say Conference

    • The Disability Accommodation Forum - for Hemma

    • 'Introduction to NDIS Course' - Chisholm Institute

    • Lived experience education to Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Students - Monash University

    • 'How I got my independence' - for Dee Wardrop Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy Services

    • 'My journey through the NDIS' - Peninsula Speech Plus

    • 'Working as a person with a disability' workshop - Monash University

    • 'Navigating the complexities of Disability Housing' - Sydney SDA Housing 

    • 'Online Housing Options' workshops for Summer Foundation & Housing Hub

    • 'Sexual Assistive Technology Devices' - ARATA

  • Lived Experience Research Consultant & Co-author

  • Education

    • Certificate IV Accounting ​

    • Certificate III Community Services

    • Go Digi Learner Award - National Year Digital Inclusion

  • Living independently, hiring own support workers, running his own business 

  • Professional Poker Player

  • Previous employment

    • The Housing Hub Lived Experience Facilitator ​

    • St John of God Accord